About me

I read, I write, I love.

Reading is a deep and personal joy. I have read much and enjoyed much. I will read more and yearn to do so. I applaud the work of those authors who make us think, to question and to learn and especially those who make us feel things we may never get the chance to in our own lives. I will spend hours of my time soaking up the words and thoughts of such authors.

I love to write too. I am trying to be the best I can be when it comes to writing. I believe everyone has the ability to write well if they take the time and put in the effort. I am undecided on talent yet. I wonder if it could be inside us all if only we knew how to unlock it.

If I had nothing else in this world these two things alone would make me a happy man. Yet, I am blessed with an intensely hot wife too, so yeah, life’s good.


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