My Boy

Here is a picture of my son, Arthur, sitting up and watching us pull faces and make odd sounds for his amusement.


I confess that he doesn’t look overly impressed but at least he’s not crying. Babies, I have discovered, do crying, sleeping, and shitting very well indeed. It’s pretty much all Arthur does so a rare moment in which he just sits and stares at you must be captured and then obviously blogged about.

I’ve done my best monkey impression, mimicked an array of farm yard animals, danced (even the ‘walk like an Egyptian’) and made fart noises on his stomach. Did I get even one smile? No.

Oh well, I don’t mind. When those smiles do come they light up the whole day and then keep you smiling in anticipation of the next.

One of these days I may even capture one of the smiles with my camera. That’ll be a happy day.


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